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5 Factors To Consider When Planning A Kitchen

Today, kitchen is considered as an important part of the house. It is the place where the menu is decided. In fact, it is a place where a family congregates, enjoys cooking. This is why a kitchen must be aesthetic and functional at the same time. But designing and planning a kitchen is very complex as there are so many factors are evolved in it. Actually, it depends on the people what type of kitchen design they choose because it represents their lifestyle. It depends that how they will use space from a perfect kitchen layout to adding cabnets and finding the appropriate bin location, there are some important factors you need to consider when planning a perfect kitchen for your home.

1. Factores that Matters Kitchen Layout

First and foremost, decide which kitchen layout will be perfect for you as you are cook. Think about that how you will use space and then carefully plan the kitchen design by keeping in mind the available space. The one wall or I-shaped layout is a great solution for small kitchens. It is characterized by a single wall or two opposite walls having cabinets with a walkway in between them. Consider L-shaped layout for multipurpose kitchens. It is ideal for both small and medium sized kitchen. This type of layout covers less space and gives enough space where you can place little black glass coffee tableto have a sip of coffee and keep yourself fresh during cooking. Regardless the layout you choose, design your kitchen in accordance with the triangle theory.

2. Dishwasher And The Sink Placement

After designing the layout, the next factor is the placement of dishwasher and sink. It matters a lot for decluttering and keeping the kitchen clean. If you want to avoid dripping food or want to rinse off the plates before putting them in the dishwasher then consider placing dishwasher and sink next to each other. It is very useful along with make easy for you to work efficiently in the kitchen.

3. Work Surface in your Kitchen

The kitchen countertop is the most important thing it is the preparation area used for cutting vegetables, mixing ingredients and for putting the prepped food in the bowls or pots (from the stove or oven). Though the size of countertop depends on the kitchen design you will choose but it recommended to create the counter surface near the stove. It enables you to work comfortably and efficiently in the kitchen.  Be sure to clear the countertop surface and characterize it as prep space.

4. Store Utensils Close To Their Relevant Zone

Everyone likes to get everything handy when prepping or cooking food. Therefore, it is necessary to divide the kitchen into different zones such area for prepping, cooking, baking and washing. Then consider storing the utensils or accessories in their related zone. For example, store spices, cutting boards, knives close to the prep surface. Similarly, store pots and pans near the stove or oven. If there are is no built-in cabinet over the counter, you can add floating glass shelves for storage. You can buy the high quality laminated glass and customized mirrors from Fab Glass and Mirror at affordable prices.

5. Good Kitchen Lighting

Safety is one the main concerns in the kitchen. So, an appropriate amount of lighting is required for visual comfort and for prevailing tasks. The amount of light can be determined by the kitchen space, ceiling height and color scheme. However, countertop, sink and stove are the major areas where you need lighting. Considering installing ceiling lights, under-cabinet lights or hang a light fixture or low lighting over the dining table. Make sure to add lighting fixtures in the right position so they can provide visual comfort at all angles.

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